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Adding the MMS to your Pre-existing Website

The Membership Management System (MMS) is designed to be integrated with a website, so that the work of maintaining the content of the website, and handling the business of the organziation (membership, events, etc.) can all be handled through the same system.

If you purchase a website package from us, the websites we build are fully integrated with the MMS.

However, if you have a pre-existing website, and want to add the MMS to it, it is possible that the features of the MMS that you are interested in using may require some work for you or your webmaster to integrate.

We can provide an integration guide for your webmaster so they can do the integration work.

If you have us do the integration work, we will have to bill for the time.

So, in the case of adding the MMS to a pre-existing website, in order to estimate what it will cost in terms of time or money, you need to ask yourself what features you plan on using... for example, if you don't plan on using the calendar of events, there's no sense in spending the time and money to integrate it.

The bulk of the tough questions involved in integration involve the content-management features that allow you to edit pages, a calendar, photo album, etc. Plus, the question of how closely you need the MMS-hosted portions of the system (members area, event registration) to look like your public website pages.

You may want to read through some of the examples below, and then contact us if you have questions or would like an estimate.

Some Examples:

"I just want to allow members to join and pay dues online."

All that needs to happen is
1) add a link to your website to the MMS new member registration system.
2) add a form to your website to allow members to log-in and pay dues.
Typically 15 minutes of work.

But, if you have several hundred members, you may also want to have us load your member and member-billing data into your MMS account as well, so that you can bill your existing members using the system. This is member data conversion, and typically takes 2-3 hrs. (included in our website packages, but not if we are integrating to a pre-existing site)

"I want to allow people to register online for events"

All that needs to happen is
1) add a link to your website to the MMS event registration menu.
1) add individual links to specific event registrations as needed

Typically 15 minutes or less

"I want to use the calendar of events (hybrid version) on my website... and it has to look perfectly seamless"

The link to the calendar is easy enough. Making this feature look perfectly seamless... is where some work may be required. To make this happen, we need to create a workable header and footer file that will display the header, navigation bar, and footer of your website. Using these, we can 'wrap' the MMS such that it will look like the rest of your website.

We will need to review your website to be sure of how easily we can do this, but typically this can be 3-5 hours of work.

"We need to use the content management system, so we can add/change/delete pages on our site at will"

Use of the content management system would require that we create a workable header and footer file, so that we can retain the look of your site. However the content management system also requires we are able to update your navigation bar. To make this happen, we may have to re-build your navigation bar.

We will need to review your website to be sure how easy or difficult this would be, but this can be as much as 7-10 hours of work.

"I need to add the calendar, member registration, website content manager, event registration, newsletter editor, and donations module. It must look perfectly seamless, plus I have a few changes i'd like to see happen to the look of the website itself."

You will want to strongly consider one of our website packages.
Otherwise, the hourly charges for integration of so many items wil add up quickly and may surpass the cost of a new website.


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