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Attendance / Coursework Tracking

Along with our calendar of events module, and event registration module, there are features that allow you to track which members/registrants actually attended a given event.

For some organizations using event registration for class registration, this can be used to determine whether a member gets continuing education credits.

With this coursework tracking feature you can:
  • Setup Courses with multiple Sessions by date and time.
  • Define Sessions with detailed information such as Instructor, Course Number, Contact Hours, Date, Begin and end times
  • Print id badges for attendees including a scan-able barcode in bulk prior to the event or by attendee at the event
  • Record session attendance by scanning the attendee's id badge barcode or manually keying in their attendee id number
  • Maintain the attendee's check-in and check-out status during the sessions
  • Generate reports for attendee coursework by event or for user-defined time periods
  • Attendees are able to retrieve and print off their coursework for user-defined time periods

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