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Calendar of Events System

Our Calendar of Events is a powerful feature of our Membership Management System. Integrated into your website, our calendar system allows you to easily organize and promote your events.

  • Easy-to-use Editor - Our editor allows you to easily enter events for a single date, range of date, or multiple dates.
  • Public Submission/Member Submission - You have the option of allowing the general public to submit events, or general members to submit events from the members' area. The events would then be placed in pending status, for an editor to review and approve.
  • Event Types - organize your events into types and sub-types, and display multiple calendars filtered by these types.
  • Multiple formats - We offer a variety of calendar formats with different sizes and features.
  • Branding- make the system look like the rest of your website by customizing the colors and adding a header image for your organization.
  • Reports- a variety of reports and data-export features are included.
  • Recurring Events- for monthly or other periodic events, the system can be set up to copy the event information automatically; making maintenance much easier.
  • Map to Location - you have the option to include maps to the location of your event
  • RSS, XML, iCalendar feeds - export your calendar data for use in other software.

This is also a cost-effective solution as well. The Membership Management System is priced in a tiered structure so organizations of all sizes can afford it!

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