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Website Development Pricing (Associations)

Below is a table illustrating the website development packages we offer.

Our websites packages are built around our Membership Management System (MMS) which provides a large number of useful features. The MMS is purchased on a subscription basis and can be packaged with website hosting. Click here for MMS pricing info.

Special Requirements? If your needs are special or unique, we can provide customizations to the MMS or entirely custom-built solutions.

Limited Budget? If you don't need all the features included in the MMS, we can provide you with a website using MMS-Lite with Web Hosting which has a monthly cost of $40. Call for details.

Feature Standard
Graphic Design
Custom Website Design and Layout Yes Yes
Flash/Javascript Animation No Yes

Number of Pages

Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile App

Mobile App
Built and published with your logo and colors, with content and features powered by the Membership Management System.

add $250 Included
Website Content Development
Initial Loading of Content
Our websites come with a content management system to let you add as many pages as you like (unlimited pages). This item refers to how many pages we will populate with content (or migrate from an existing site) during initial set-up. Alternatively, if you have staff or volunteers willing to do this, we can provide support to train them.

up to 15 pages loaded

(maximum 15 hours)

up to 30 pages loaded

(maximum 30 hours)

MMS Configuration
During set-up, we work with you to learn about your organization and how you handle membership and billing. We take this information and configure the Membership Management System accordingly so you can get the greatest benefit from it.
Yes Yes
Member Data Conversion
This item refers to taking your current member data, converting and loading it into your MMS account. Note: limited to conversion of one file of data, up to 50 fields wide, unlimited rows.
Yes Yes
Search Engine Registration
Search Engine Registration and Optimization is a complex topic. We provide initial search engine registration with some packages, but an effective long-term optimization strategy can be time-intensive and should be tailored to your organization's needs. Please contact us for more information.
Yes Yes
Interactive Features
MMS Features
All of our packages are integrated with our Membership Management System which provides your website with:
  • Member Database
  • Member Billing System
  • Calendar of Events
  • Online Event Registration
  • Email Distribution Lists
  • Membership Interest Form
  • Banner Ad Manager
  • Project/Committee Pages
  • News Manager
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds
  • Online Member's Area
  • Renewal Processing System
  • Mailing Labels
  • Custom Reporting
  • Message Boards
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Contact Tracking
  • File Archive
  • Photo Album
Yes Yes
Custom Programming
If you require features that are not provided by our Membership Management System, we can make customizations. Please contact us to get time estimates.
3 hours 8 hours
Email and Ticket-Based Support? Yes Yes

Phone Support?
For non-emergencies, please use help desk (ticket-based) support first to help us keep costs down

Yes Yes
Live Training Sessions
Although the MMS includes an extensive online help system; and we provide ticket-based, email and phone support; sometimes a formal live training session can be very helpful in introducing all the MMS' features to staff and officers.
1 hour intro
+1 hour add'l session
1 hour intro
+2 hours add'l sessions
Package Price
(this is the one-time setup cost for your website)
$1800.00 $3100.00
MMS/Hosting Service
(this is the ongoing monthly cost for the MMS and website hosting services)

Website hosting and MMS service will be needed for your Vieth Consulting website. MMS packages are priced based on membership size, starting at $80/month for MMS with website hosting. Click here for a pricing table.

(Cost-conscious? If you don't need all of the features of the MMS, ask us about MMS-Lite with Web Hosting, for $40/month)

Domain Name Registration If you haven't registered a domain name yet (, Vieth Consulting provides this service for $10/year.
Additional Customizations If you have special requirements beyond the current features provided by the MMS or our website packages, you will probably require some customizations.
Additional Customizations to your packages are charged at median rate of $95/hour. Quotes on changes available on request.

*pricing as of 08/01/2012

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