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Event registration system

Online Event Registration System

Our Online Event Registration System is a powerful feature of our Membership Management System. Whether you are organizing a small meeting or a major convention, the Event Registration System will allow attendees to register and pay for the event online.

You can set up the registration form to include a variety of custom fields, collecting information such as meal options and additional sessions. During the event, you can use the system to check in attendees, and use a variety of standard and custom reports to aid your procedures. You also have to option to manually enter registrants who mail in payment or phone in their registration info.

  • Attendee tracking - keep track of who has signed up for what event as well as who has paid their fees.
  • Event Packages- offer differently priced attendee packages. For example, early registration packages can be set up with a discount. Packages can also be set-up to be for the general public or for members-only.
  • Cut-off Dates- set up cut-off dates for registration or for particular event registration packages.
  • Discount Codes- offer discounts to vendors, donors, and others by setting up codes with percentage-based discounts.
  • Custom Fields- all events are different, the MMS' event registration system allows you to set up a variety of custom fields to collect information specific to your event/organization. (Examples- opt-in training sessions, breakout sessions, banquet meal type, t-shirt size, etc.)
  • Administrative Fields- administrators can keep track of different pieces of admin-side information on each registrant, hidden from the registrant's eyes. (Examples- attendance at event, hotel room number assignments, etc)
  • Members-v-Non-members - our system allows you to restrict member-level pricing to members only.
  • Billing/Collections Tools - Included are several tools that can be used to follow-up with registrants that have not paid fees.
  • Branding- make the system look like the rest of your website by customizing the colors and adding a header image for your organization.
  • Online Payments- collect event payments online via PayPal or a credit card merchant account or your choice.
  • Reports- produce sign-up reports for events, sessions/breakouts, and more.
  • Name Badges- produce name badges for attendees.
  • Mailing Labels- produce mailing labels to send packets to registrants
  • Data Export- attendee data can be exported from the system in a comma-delimited format for use in other software packages.
  • Recurring Events- for monthly or other periodic events, the system can be set up to copy the event information automatically; making maintenance much easier.

This is also a cost-effective solution as well. The Membership Management System is priced in a tiered structure so organizations of all sizes can afford it!

NOTE: If you are using the MMS for event registration only, your pricing tier will be determined by your typical event's attendance size.

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