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Online Member Billing System

The Online Member Billing System is a powerful feature of our Membership Management System. As a natural extension of the MMS' Member Database, the billing system is a great tool that can automate nearly all of your member billing procedures.

  • New Member Registration - new members can sign up and pay dues online. Payment information is automatically recorded in the billing system.
  • Print/Email Invoices - offers the ability to print renewal invoices for members (formatted as PDF's) or send via email.
  • Multiple Membership Plans - allows for differently priced membership plans. Can incorporate registration fees and special dues structures.
  • Batch Renewals - can create invoice records automatically for renewals.
  • Automated Renewal Processing - offers the ability to automatically send email renewal notifications/invoices
  • Auto-Drop - system can automatically drop members from the member database in the case of non-payment
  • Branding- make the system look like the rest of your website by customizing the colors and adding a header image for your organization.
  • Online Payments- collect dues online via a credit card merchant account or PayPal.
  • Reports- produce a variety of reports detailing which members are paid and unpaid, member status, aging of invoices, monthly renewals, and more.
  • Online Renewal Dues Collection - members can renew their membership, paying dues online. Payments are recorded in the billing system.
  • Quickbooks Interface - features an interface with Quickbooks Online Edition.
  • Accounting Data Export - can export invoice and payment data.
  • Mailing Labels- produce mailing labels to send our renewal invoices/statements.
  • Highly Customizable - renewal terms, due date lead times, and more can be customized to your organization's needs.
  • Payment History - system keeps a long-term record of invoices and payments for each member.

This is also a cost-effective solution as well. The Membership Management System is priced in a tiered structure so organizations of all sizes can afford it!

In addition, if you need something completely custom; give us a call we can provide quotes on a custom-built system.

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