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Membership Management System Pricing

Pricing of the MMS is based on the number of member records (full, paid members) in your database.

The MMS can be used alone or as an add-on to an existing website (see MMS alone pricing).
We also offer packages with website hosting services as well (see MMS with basic web hosting).

(Cost-conscious? If you don't need all of the features of the MMS, ask us about Ad Placement on your website, we can reduce your monthly cost by $20/mo by placing a small advertisement at the top of your website.)

Each plan includes:

  • Unlimited non-member records
  • Unlimited administrative-level users
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited broadcast emails
Member Records
(paid members)
Non-Member Records
(prospects, list-only)
MMS (Full) with
Web Hosting
MMS (Full) alone
(use if you already
have hosting)
MMS (Lite) with
Web Hosting
    MMS features MMS features MMS-Lite features
1-200 unlimited $80/mo. $70/mo. $40/mo.
201-400 unlimited $90/mo. $80/mo. $50/mo.
401-600 unlimited $100/mo. $90/mo. $60/mo.
601-800 unlimited $110/mo. $100/mo. $70/mo.
801-1000 unlimited $120/mo. $110/mo. $80/mo.
1001-1200 unlimited $130/mo. $120/mo. $90/mo.
1201-1500 unlimited $140/mo. $130/mo. $100/mo.
1501-2000 unlimited $150/mo. $140/mo. $110/mo.
2000-2500 unlimited $160/mo. $150/mo. $120/mo.
2501-3000 unlimited $170/mo. $160/mo. $130/mo.
3001-3500 unlimited $180/mo. $170/mo. $140/mo.
3501-4000 unlimited $190/mo. $180/mo. $150/mo.
4001+ unlimited (call for pricing) (call for pricing) (call for pricing)

Account Set-Up Fee
This fee is only applicable if we are NOT building and hosting your website.

If you are interested in adding the MMS to your pre-existing website, click here.

(if integrating with an existing website)
(if integrating with an existing website)
(if integrating with an existing website)

Website Design

(If you don't already have a website, or need a new one, check out our web design packages.)


Data Conversion

(This is for the conversion and uploading of your existing member data, included with some web design packages. if not purchasing a package, contact us for a quote)

Prices effective August 1st, 2012

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