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Software As A Service

The Membership Management System is an example of Software as a Service or 'SaaS'.

SaaS is software that is subscribed to rather than purchased outright.

SaaS is also considered a form of Cloud Computing.

It is used via a network (typically the internet via a web browser). The benefits of this are:

1.) Lower cost of ownership. No additional hardware is needed on site. All that is required is a computer with internet access and a modern web browser. Up front costs are low. Despite the subscription fees, the overall 'cost of ownership' is lower because of the absence of on site hardware and software purchase/installation/maintenance.

2.) Quick deployment. An account can be set up and configured within minutes, allowing your organization to take advantage of the software immediately. Many customizations as requested can be made in a matter of days.

3.) Software that is constantly expanding and improving. Every time a new feature is added to the system, clients see this immediately without having to take any additional steps. No disruptions with software upgrades/installations.

4.) Easily Scaleable. As your organization grows, the software can keep up with no need to change client software/hardware.

5.) Security and Privacy. Given the nature of the SaaS model, the responsibility of security and privacy is placed on the provider not the customer. Because of this, SaaS providers are constantly evaluating their security and investing in technology to protect their clients and their client's data. Routine penetration tests, offsite backups of data, redundant hardware, and state of the art data centers are part of the service offering.


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